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The manuscript must be submitted online through editorjapsjournal@gmail.com

The submitted manuscripts which are not in accordance with the “author’s instructions” would be returned to the corresponding author for technical correction, before they undergo editorial/ peer-review. The manuscript should be prepared in Times New Roman font 12 sizes and double-spaced with 1" margins on all sides. Submitted manuscript should contain the following in the order given below:

Title page, Abstract, Keywords, Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results and Discussion including Tables and/or Figures, Conclusion, Acknowledgements, References.

Title Page:
The title page should be contain title (concise and informative), running title (not more than 35 letters), author (s) name (s) and corresponding author’s full address, e-mail, telephone number.

Abstract should not exceed 250 Words. A brief summary of the research methods, results and discussions conclusion should be given in single paragraph.

Not more than 6 keywords are required. Words appearing in the title should not be given under keywords.

A brief description of the research area, significant background information, and the hypotheses tested in the study should be included under this section. The introduction should provide sufficient background information such that scientifically literate researchers can understand the work to be described. A complete review of literature is not required under this section. The exact aims of the study should be identified along with rationale for the specific methods and other work performed. The introduction must incorporate in-text citations including a few references relevant to the background and rationalization for the study.

Materials and Methods
Materials and/or subjects used in the study as well as the procedures carried out to complete the work. The methods should be described in sufficient detail. The sources of all instruments and reagents used should be given with parentheses. Illustrations (figures, graphs) and tables may be useful in unfolding complex equipment or elaborate procedures. All procedures involving experimental animals or human subjects must convoy a statement on ethical approval from relevant ethics committee.

Results and Discussion/Conclusion
Data acquired from the research with suitable statistical analysis described in the methods section should be included in this section. This section should highlight the important results obtained with sufficient discussion. Data should be structured into figures and tables. Discussions should relate the results to current understanding of the scientific problems being investigated in the field. This section also permits the author to discuss the importance of the results. This section should end with new answers that arise as a result of the author’s work.

Tables and Figures
Tables and figures should be numbered with Roman numerals according to their order of appearance in the text. Tables that fit on to one printed page are favored. Detailed elucidations of symbols, units, and abbreviations should be given below the table. Tables and figures should be incorporated in the text

Acknowledgements: acknowledgements should be mentioned in single paragraph (if necessary)

References should be incorporated in the text by the Arabic numerals in bracket. The references should be incorporated at the end of the manuscript in the order of their appearance in the main text. References to journal articles, books, chapters in books, etc. should be listed as given below:

     1. JH Meyer, J Dressman, AS Fink, G Amidon (1985). Effect of size and density on gastric emptying of indigestible solids. Gastroenterology, 89: 805–813.

    1. RH Myers, D Montgomery. Response Surface Methodology, Wiley, New York. 995

Copyright Form
Authors should be sign on Copyright Form (CF) afterthe manuscript is accepted which would be sent to the corresponding author’s e-mail. Singed CF can be mailed as an attachment file after scanning to the editor.

Experimental animals and human subjects used by researchers in their work should get previous approval from the concerned Ethical Committee. A statement about the approval must be incorporated in the method section.

Manuscript Proofs
Proof of the manuscript is sent to the corresponding author’s e-mail. Author must suspiciously check and forward the corrected manuscript within 48 hours of receipt. The authors are responsible for the contents appeared in their published manuscript.
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